Bobbin Winder

The A ONE BOBBIN WINDER is specially designed for the rope industry. It can fitted in line with the monofilament or tape line exturuder to synchronise with the extruder line speed and fitted with individual on/off switch, dimmer stat, individual travers system, heavy duty 3 phase torque motor and heavy duty timing belt, pully & gear system drive.


  • Bobbing : 250 mm flange dia by 300 length by 75 mm core dia or as per custmer requirement.
  • Capacity : Apx. 6 to 7 kg. of yarn.
  • Denier to be wound : 6000 to 12000
  • Torque motor capacity : 10 Kgs.
  • line Speed : 70 to 120 meter per minute.
  • 12" Traverse
  • Individual torque motor and individual dimmer with each station.
  • Variable travers speed for monofilament yard, p.p. tape twine & fabrulated yarn.
These winders are available for following materials:
  • Rope yarn
  • Fishnet twines
  • Baler / Binder twines
  • Box strapping
  • Monofilament yarns
  • Danline
The size of bobbin and traverse vary as accordance to its application.