Fibc Cutting Mc

The specially designed machine integrates the various main functions in jumbo bag cutting-punching like: Auto. Jumbo_fabric roll feeding, Edge process control(EPC), Length-counting, Punching unit for"O"hole, Punching unit for"X"hole, Circle describing, Linear-knife cutting, Jumbo-fabric feeding.

2. PLC central control system. Color man-machine interface, which make date-setting, display, recordingmore clear and accrurate, Easier operation.

3. Hydraulic automatic jumbo-fabric roll feeding&EPC unit, stable, simple and easy in operation.

4. Equipped import servo control system for precise and fast cutting.

5. Equipped with high quality alloy steel holistic cutter, which have the advantages like non-distortiongood heat preservation, and Long use-life.

6. Applied to the different jumbo bag fabric cutting like, Jumbo bag lay-flat/double flat~bric, Jumbo bagsingle-layer fabric, Jumbo Bag bottom cover, top cover, top mouth fabric.

Diameter of unwinding cloth 1200mm
Cutting Shape Width 200mm-2300mm
Length 200-10000mm
Cross 200-590mm
Hole 200-590mm
Output 10-20pcs/Min
Accuracy ± 5mm
Main Motor 1.1KW x 2
Air Max. 1MP
Total Power 4.5KW
Size of Machine (L*W*H) 3.2*1.7*1.4