Heavy Duty Rewinder

Heavy Duty ReWinder

  • For Tube/tubeless winding of tapes and twines
  • High, uniform package quality
  • High efficiency


  • Jute Twine
  • Sisal Twine
  • Nylon Twine
  • Polyester Twine
  • PE Twine
  • PP MultiFilament Yarn

Key Features

  • Individual settings for each winding head
  • Excellent package quality
  • Easy lay change
  • Compact, simple, robust design
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to maintain

Standard Equipment

  • Mechanical brake for Take Up Flange Bobbin
  • Length counter
  • Torque Motor Electric Panel for each spindle
  • Meter counter
  • Meter stop

Technical data

Traverse lengths

75 mm  to  300 mm

Take-up flange bobbin :

Max. Ø300 x 300 mm

Take-up, max. weight:

  Polypropylene 15 kg


Min. 5,000, max. 60,000 dtex

Yarn speed:

Variable. Average: 12-150 m/min, depending on package diameter


1 H.P Torque motor with Electronic PANEL for each spindle

Yarn/ Twine Size

Up to 9 mm diameter/ Width

  • Customized yarn guides for round or flat products
  • Customized take-up spindles, according to your Flanged Bobbin Size and design