Automatic Bag Stiching Machine

Automatic sewing machine can hem the bottom of pp woven sacks and collect them by fully automatically means.

It has the functions of automatic folding, automatic counting, automatic cutting thread, etc.

The speed of this machine and conveyer belt can be adjustable.

It is a one-time forming sewing equipment, which is suitable for making rice bags, flour bags, cement bags, fertilizer bags, sugar bags, animal feed bags, etc.

The machine is simple and easy to operate and maintain.

It reduces labor intensity, improves the production efficiency and consistency in quality which is ideal equipment for bag making factory.

Model No. ABS.800
Max. Width of Bag (mm) 800
Max. Length of Bag (mm) 1300
Production Capacity (pcs/min) 20-30
Folding Width (mm) 16-25
Length of Stitch (mm) 9-16
Max. Sewing Thickness (mm) 8
Air Supply Pressure (Mpa) 0.8
Gross Power (kw) 2
Approx. Weight (kg) 800
Installing Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 4500×2500×1200