PP Tape Fibrillating Extrusion Plant (AFBT)

PP Tape (Flat Filament) Extrusion Lines are manufactured with specially designed Bimetallic Screw & Barrel, ‘T‘ Die and Fibrillating Rolls etc. with Inflow Twister to produce quality fibrillated Twisted and Cross Winded Baler Packages for the use in the Agriculture sector. Available in different Models depends on Production capacity.


  • Nitride screw and barrel made out from special nitro alloy steel for long life and trouble
  • Free operations
  • Uniquely designed 'T' die, with hard chrome plated, ensuring uniform flow distribution
  • Helical gear box with inbuilt heavy thrust bearing
  • Variety of option to choose from screw diameter of 75mm to 100mm
  • Production capacity ranging from 100kg/hr to 215 kg/hr (HIGHEST IN CLASS)
  • Pneumatic controlled NIP ROLLS
  • Synchronization of all AC motors
  • HEAVY DUTY Cheese winders with capacity of 18 Kg.
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller

1 AFBT75 75 105
2 AFBT90 90 150
3 AFBT100 100 215