Sutli Plant

The synthetic string plant should have excellent shock-absorbing properties, bulkiness, uniformity, tensile strength and binding ability so as to be able to manufacture strings which are lightweight, flexible and free of fluffiness. Other qualities that are essential for the machine are:

  • High productivity
  • Durability
  • Compact design
  • Customer friendly
  • High speed strapping


  • Nitride screw and barrel made out from special nitro alloy steel for long life and trouble
  • Free operations
  • Uniquely designed 'T' die, with hard chrome plated, ensuring uniform flow distribution
  • Helical gear box with inbuilt heavy thrust bearing
  • Variety of option to choose from screw diameter of 40mm to 90mm
  • Production capacity ranging from 55 kg/hr to 100 kg/hr (HIGHEST IN CLASS)
  • Pneumatic controlled NIP ROLLS
  • Synchronization of all AC motors
  • Cheese winders with different size winding options like 2.5", 4",5”, 6", 8" etc (As per clients requirement)
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller


Plastic string also know as sutli is used extensively for packaging things both at homes and in industries. Plastic string are reliable and perfect substitute for jute sutli and twisted rope making. Synthetic resin strings are also used for automatic packaging or binding machines, agricultural binders, hay balers and also for handicraft knitted articles. Plastic strings are also used in ball rackets and musical instruments.

  • The principal application of plastic string (sutli) is for loose packaging,
  • Tieing the corrugated boxes,
  • Small packaging
  • Tieing of bags as a substitute of jute sutli and twisted rope making

Plant Model ASP50 ASP65 ASP75 ASP90
Applicable Material Virgin & Recycled PP / HDPE
Screw typical Length 28 : 1 L/D
Screw Barrel Material High Tenacity Nitride Steel
Extruder Output 40 - 55 60 – 75 70 - 100 90 - 125
Screen Changer Manual Screen Changer or Hydraulic Screen Changer
T-Die Width (mm) 350 500 700 1000
Line Speed 160.00 Max. Meter/Minute
Main Control Panel Standard Control Panel
Winder Type Cheese Winders ( Spool size 2¼ “ / 4” / 5” / 6” / 8”)
No. Of Winder Station) 12 18 24 36
Optional Unit ** Fibrillating Unit
Total Load Connection (KW)** 32 45 65 90
Running Plant Load (KW)** 21 29 42 59

We reserve the right of modify technical specification without prior notice. Refer our Quatation